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Albany, New York 12205-3810
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The best stocked and lowest priced rock shop in New York's Capital District.
Incorporated 1979. Open to the public since 1986.


We stock and sell:

Our current "It ought to be in the Smithsonian" specimen.
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Two-inch diameter azurite ball from Shilu, China
* Minerals (hundreds in all price ranges)
* Minerals for immediate sale
* Gemstones, faceted and cabochon
* Gemstone settings and findings
* Jewelry-making supplies and equipment
* Sheet and wire in silver, gold, gold fill
* RockHounding Supplies and Equipment
* Lapidary Supplies and Equipment
* Fossils
* Finished jewelry
* Beads, ready-to-wear and temporarily strung
* Books on these subjects
* Rough for faceting, cabbing, tumbling
* and more!

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The book of rockhounding maps!

New Edition, March 2003!

We are the publishers of the only current book on rockhounding in this area: Rockhounding in Eastern New York and Nearby New England . The book is currently in its seventh (2003) edition, and contains directions to 99 sites where you can collect rocks and minerals, pan gold, or hunt fossils. Included are maps, lists of materials to be found, tips and hints for the collector, etc. Now SOLD OUT, but soon to be republished. Stand By!

Seen someone using or posting illegal copies from our book? Done it yourself? READ THIS

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Come visit our shop. You will be pleased! Even our suppliers tell us that we have the best selection and lowest prices of the various shops that they visit.

We are located on NY Route 155 in the town of Colonie, near the Albany Airport. We are open 10 AM to 7 PM Monday thru Friday and 10am to 6pm on Saturday. Just give us a call at (518) 456-0678 and we'll give you the easy directions to get here. Or look at a map from Note we are actually 1/2 mile northeast of where they show us. We were unable to find an internet map that locates us correctly other than Mapquest, and they don't show most route numbers. Oh well.

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Please note -- we are primarily a local/regional rockshop. Our internet pages are to let people who live in, or travel to our area know what they can expect when they visit us. We do not publish a catalog or lists. We will, however, be glad to ship items anywhere in the United States if you know what you want....

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